FEZ Update #5 Final

So let’s start off with my final product:

Fez #1 Fez #3 Fez #2 Fez #4

So this is what my final product is. It’s very bare-boned but I simply just ran out of time. I was planning to do much more but I was not able to achieve that. I’m going to use this final blog entry of this assignment as a post-mortem to get all my thoughts out. Here we go.

My biggest issue from the start is that I simply did not dedicate enough time to this assignment. Between my other classes, this project fell to the way side. I had much bigger plans (such as to give the textures much more detail). When I did dedicate time to this is was minimal at most. I had to make a mad dash at the end just to get these base colors, AO, UVs, and the level laid out. I was very ambitious from the start but it just faded after time. I took the easy way out and ended up cutting models that I wanted to make due to time constraints or just changing my mind. Had I set up with more dedication and stayed strict yo my original blog post, I would have had a much better final product. Needless to say this was sloppy of me.

Each time I started research, I found something new and had to make a choice on what I should do. For example I had to make a choice between baking in normals or just sticking with the world blocks having actual geometry. In hindsight, this skyrocketed my triangle count quite a bit. I’m sitting at roughly 6k tris for this small scene. If I had put more time into it, I could have easily cut the triangle count significantly. Even though I had free judgment in the triangle count, I think 6k is just way too high.

This whole assignment is a realization that time is very valuable and setting a strict deadline for yourself is a great skill to develop. Simply, I just need to work on my time management skills a bit more.

As for the models themselves, I feel they are not up to par at all. I feel I could have pushed them much further but even with Fez’s style I’m somewhat constricted. I feel they get the job done for the most part but it was just a lack of effort on my part.

Overall, even if I didn’t get this assignment totally finished I feel like I have taken away some very valuable lessons from this. These being the skills to research a game’s art style and how they accomplish said style. A few hours on the internet can yield a great ton of information about one specific game. For example, I found the lead programmer of Fez’s blog and he explains exactly how they accomplish the world blocks and other features.

That’s about it for this assignment. I may come back to this at a later date but at the moment, I’m going go focus on a few other projects.


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